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The following rules and regulations should be observed when visiting:


Baseball & Softball Complex

All pets must be kept on a leach and outside the fenced area

No bicycles, skateboards, roller-blades or scooters

No profanity

No glass bottles

All players and fans assume the risk of injury upon entering the Baseball & Softball Complex


Skateboard Park

Skate or Bike at your own risk

Proper safety equipment must be worn at all times

Obscene or profane language, gestures, horseplay or abusive behavior will not be allowed

Smoking while within the confines of the skateboard park will not be allowed

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed

The Anderson-Dean Park and it's staff are not responsible for lost or stolen property

Pet's are not allowed within the skateboard area

Any person found or seen causing destruction to the facility will be suspended from the park

If graffiti is found, the skateboard park will be closed until it's removal

This area is under camera surveillance


Aquatic Center

We are currently making changes


Walking Trail

All pets must be kept on a leach ( please clean up after your pet )

Bicycles, roller-blades and scooters are allowed ( all must yield to walkers )

No motorized vehicles are allowed on walking trail